Ordering with THEFUTSTORE is Easy!
Our unique system puts you in control of delivery, you decide how much you want to take out, and when. With our automated 24/7 system, you take how much you need, when you need it!

Shortly after your order you will receive a link via Email. Click this link and enter your order email address and order number.

After you enter your credentials securely, you will be able to access your order and you will see how many coins you have. This will automatically update to show how many you have used, and a full history of any players we have bought, as well as those that have failed if there was an issue. But don't worry, if one transaction fails, you are automatically refunded so you can try again. 

You get a player input box, into this box put the name of the player you wish to sell, we will then tell you what price to list this player for, as well as the duration of the auction. Please double check all the details are correct before listing. 

Once you have successfully added the player your order will be marked as pending, and you will see what position it is in the queue. Once it reaches number one in the queue we will proceed to buy your player and you will receive the coins. You can list one player at a time, or more than one, it's entirely up to you.

 You can keep track of your order progress on the page, we keep the list of pending, failed and successful purchases for you to see. We accept all gold, silver, and a lot of inform players. Just type in the dropdown, and if it appears, you can use it.

Any players that we failed to purchase we will provide a reason why, so you can better understand and receive your coins more quickly. 

 And that is all there is to it, happy shopping, and if you need more help please don't hesitate to get in touch!